Asiaray Fully Supports “Homeless World Cup Fundraising Tournament 2015”

In order to accomplish our core value of integrity, excellence and benevolence, Asiaray Hong Kong established two Asiaray charity football teams for participating in the “Homeless World Cup Fundraising Tournament 2015” on 25th -26th July 2015. After several exciting matches, Asiaray football teams have successfully won two champions – the Justice Shield and the Peace Cup Champion.

With the participation of 23 commercial or industrial corporation football teams, the entire raised fund was used to support the expenses of the Homeless World Cup event in Amsterdam, which aimed at providing a turning point to the homeless people, encouraging them to reintegrate into the society and showing our care to the social vulnerable groups. By supporting the charity football tournament, Asiaray Media Group successfully boosted its team spirit while committing the social responsibility and contributing to the community.

Social Responsibility