The unveiling ceremony of Lam Kwun King Memorial Library was successfully held

The “Lam Kwun King Memorial Library” was grandly established in Taiping Primary School of Nanjian, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Representatives from Lam Kwun King Memorial Fund and Asiaray’s strategic partner Lagardère (a globally leading travel retailer), as well as leaders from local government and other relevant departments attended the unveiling ceremony.

During the ceremony, Lam Kwun King Memorial Fund Limied donated nearly 3,000 well selected extra-curricular books and corresponding facilities to the library. This Lam Kwun King Memorial Library was the only counterpart especially for the local children left behind, with the volume of 25 books per capita, which was also the first one under the loving library project of Lam Kwun King Memorial Fund Limited. The fund representatives said they hoped this library project dedicated for unprivileged children left behind in mountainous areas of Yunnan could help students to increase the extra-curricular reading, obtain a wealth of knowledge and struggle for their ideals in future.

Social Responsibility