Mr. Vincent Lam, Chairman of Asiaray Media Group Limited, accepted an exclusive interview of “Road To Wealth” programme by TVB

Mr. Vincent Lam, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Asiaray Media Group Limited, has accepted an exclusive interview of “Road To Wealth” programme featured by J5 Channel, Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), and shared his entrepreneurial success in the out-of-home advertising industry.

In the programme, Mr. Lam reviewed his entrepreneurial experiences of establishing an out-of-home advertising company when he returned from Australia to Hong Kong. From a startup located at Queen’s Road Central, Asiaray has developed into a leading out-of-home advertising company in the Greater China region since its establishment in 1993. Meanwhile, Mr. Lam also analyzed that Asiaray has differentiated itself from its peers in the outdoor advertising industry leveraging its “Space Management” model to deliver impactful advertising campaigns for its clients. In view of the popularity of online media, Mr. Lam shared how Asiaray proactively embraces the internet and integrates the latest technology with traditional out-of-home advertising, effectively attracting the eyeballs of both mobile users and the other on-the-go consumers.

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