Mr. Vincent Lam, Chairman of Asiaray, accepted the interview of “Money Cafe” programme by Hong Kong Cable TV

Mr. Lam Tak Hing, Vincent, the Founder, Executive Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Asiaray Media Group Limited, was invited to join the “Money Cafe” programme featured by Hong Kong Cable TV. In this episode entitled “Space Creation”, Mr. Lam talked about how to utilize space management and stimulate “five senses” through excellent advertising campaigns by Asiaray, and shared his opinions for the trend of outdoor advertising industry. Program hosts included well-known finance and economic elite, Mr. Stephen Wong, and chief financial reporter and anchor of Cable TV, Ms. Iris Wong.

Mr. Lam said, the outdoor advertising industry and market are changing and the traditional “buy wholesale sell retail” mode cannot survive. Only creative innovations are capable of adapting to the market trend. Asiaray adheres to the “space management” business philosophy and provides tailor-made as well as innovative outdoor advertising solutions for customers, while beautifying the owners’ space, but also bringing “five senses” experiences for passengers, just like pop arts, which enriches their journeys, and ultimately acquires win-win results.

In view of ongoing infrastructure projects, such as airports and metro lines, and more and more social behaviors of people in future, Mr. Lam is full of confidence for the prosperous outdoor advertising market and great demands in China. Asiaray will also embrace the internet, make the best use of the latest mobile technology to grasp development opportunities, and continue to make more contributions to the outdoor advertising industry in the Greater China.

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