Mr. Vincent Lam, Chairman and CEO of Asiaray, accepted the interview by Tencent Finance

Mr. Vincent Lam, the Chairman and CEO of Asiaray Media Group Limited, recently accepted the interview of Tencent Finance, the renowned online financial media in China. During the interview, Mr. Lam believed the development of new technology and traditional out-of-home advertising complement each other. With the progress of science and technology, China’s out-of-home advertising will usher in the golden age.

Mr. Lam said the introduction of new technology is promoting the transformation of out-of-home advertising, and the traditional “buy wholesale – sell retail” model can no longer adequately meet markets’ needs accordingly. In response to that Asiaray introduced a unique “Space Management” model to keep its leading industry position. He added that Asiaray is also well prepared for the digitalization of out-of-home media. In view of the continuous urbanization, increase in people’s outdoor social activities, and other factors that are favorable to the industry, Mr. Lam is confident of the positive outlook for the out-of-home advertising market in Greater China.

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