Establishment of Asiaray Media Academy

Asiaray Media Academy (“AMA”) was found by Asiaray Media Group (“Asiaray” or “Company”) on 18 August 2018 while the company celebrates its 25th anniversary.

As a Chinese-owned leading out-of-home (OOH) advertising media company, Asiaray aims to establish a new system with applying the principles and methods, along with about 25 years of outdoor advertising management experience and professional knowledge, which also leverage its unique philosophy of “Space Management”. Through the AMA’s continuous, systemic and comprehensive academic training, the harmonious, efficient and outstanding talent could be developed for the outdoor advertising industry.

The demand of talent is continuously increasing as the development of such industry becoming more innovative and diversified. AMA’s historical mission is to cultivate outstanding employees and talents who wish to join this field in the future, in order to create a new chapter of the PRC’s outdoor advertising industry.

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