Asiaray First Launched the Innovative MOON-CLICK Charity Event

In Mid-Autumn festival, it is common for people presenting mooncakes to each other for blessing. However, wastage maybe resulted simultaneously. In order to minimize wastage while helping the needy, Asiaray Hong Kong has therefore organized an innovative charity event called “MOON-CLICK”, which aimed at encouraging the corporates to transfer their mooncakes received from Asiaray into donations for Helping Hand.

For the event, we specifically developed an online platform to receive donations innovatively by simply having the donors logging in the platform, inputting their email address and pressing the click button. Besides, the Asiaray team has visited numerous 4As agencies and clients for promoting this creative yet loving charity event, which received overwhelming supports – a cash value equivalent to 539 mooncakes have been donated in only two weeks, which has successfully minimized the food wastage while caring the society with limited budget.

Apart from all the endorsements, we have also showed our love by visiting an elderly home under Helping Hand for spreading the blessing and care in person.

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