SHENWU GAME – Hangzhou – Metro Line 2/4 – Qianjiang Road Station – Corridor Wall Domination A

The Shenwu IP was born in 2010. Today, it coincides with the tenth anniversary of Shenwu Games, and it has locked the brand A channel of Qianjiang Road Station, Line 2 & 4, located in the center of Qianjiang New Town CBD. The creative release is exciting. In the passage with a large area of ​​225m², the “Shenwu Decade” composed of a 20-meter giant interactive flip plate is very eye-catching and spectacular, and the texture and personalized interactive creativity make passengers “reachable”. Each square wooden block is engraved with the blessings of Shenwu players, carrying ten years of emotional memory, and also launched a zero-distance dialogue between the brand and offline passengers, using game copywriting to awaken the game emotions of former users, and continue to maintain Brand attractiveness to users.