Dettol – Hangzhou –Metro Line 2&4 – Qianjiang Road Station – Corridor Wall Domination D

Dettol joined hands with Asiaray to create the first creative offline marketing with the theme of “every piece of clothing has something to say” on Channel D of Qianjiang Road, Line 2 & 4, which seamlessly connects the Mixc City and Commercial Street. The cartoon line art illustration on the aisle wall shows the warm home laundry scene. With 16 smart projectors at the top of the aisle, the brand copy is projected on the clothes hanging on both sides of the aisle. Passengers stop and watch to maximize the advertising effect. Combined with the closed channel space scene, create an exclusive brand creative release, so that the brand information can reach potential consumers efficiently, let the audience have a direct psychological connection with the brand, deepen the brand impression, and drive the actual turnover.