iQIYI Beijing Metro Line 4 XiDan

In September 2020, the fifth film “The Silent Truth” of the Mist Theater that detonated the topic was broadcast. At the same time, iQIYI released a creative advertisement for “Mist Special Train” in the most prosperous Exit F of Xidan Subway Station. Against the backdrop of the background music “Farewell” in the play, posters of 6 works are listed on the train body transformed from the channel wall. A set of transparent mobile screens will flash before the posters of different episodes, and different light and shadow effects will flash. At the front of the train There is also an automatic ticket machine in the shape of a telephone, and passengers can get the exclusive line tickets for the Mist Theater by pressing the button. Throughout the immersive experience of “audio listening and playing”, a large number of passengers and fans of the actors came to check in, which set off a round for the Mist Theater. New hot topics online and offline.