Country Garden · RunYangXiGu

Country Garden · RunYangXiGu ShenZhen Line 4 Futian Checkpoint Station

The Golden Week is approaching, Country Garden · RunYang Xi Gu has built a resort “hot spring themed station hall” at the Futian Port of Metro Line 4, and six major creative ideas unlock the new posture of “hot springs” for traveling citizens. Through the six creative highlights of “hot spring fog screen projector”, “3D holographic dazzling screen”, “3D hot spring resort”, “natural fresh aroma diffuser”, “jungle bird sound effect” and “on-site consultation booth”, passengers can get visual experience , smell, hearing and touch multiple enjoyment, perfect subway scene marketing, let people experience the fun of subway to play “hot spring resort” at zero distance, attract people in the past to stop and take pictures, and the innovative and interactive way has won the audience’s brand favor, and it has been successfully realized Create a sensational subway communication event. At the same time, the case was officially collected in the China Advertising Museum in 2019, becoming the most influential classic case.